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Making the most of every call



Good telephone technique is important and the impression made on the telephone can have a major impact on business success. Growing the business depends increasingly on the professionalism of those staff, who communicate by phone.

This course, through active participation encourages and enables delegates to develop their own personal telephone skills in critical key areas. Delegates are encouraged to see the importance and value of their role, to build on their individual skills and introduce best practices.


  • Individuals who wish to improve their telephone skills and provide an excellent customer service, both internal and external
  • Anyone who needs to project a confident and professional image and build better relationships when dealing with people by telephone


  • Using the telephone to project a positive company image and build its business
  • Understanding voice, tone and the use of language for maximum effect
  • Techniques for listening and questioning
  • Projecting a more positive and assertive manner and injecting enthusiasm and warmth
  • Applying telephone techniques to establish rapport
  • Structuring and controlling a call
  • Managing difficult situations to achieve successful outcomes
  • Defining service excellence and understanding customer needs and expectations
  • Opening and closing calls clearly and professionally
  • How to maintain a positive, helpful attitude throughout the day
  • Making an action plan for the future


This course is highly practical and participative. The use of discussion groups, syndicate work and role-play give delegates the opportunity to practice skills and relate to their own work situation.

Length of Training Programme: 1 day

Recommended Maximum Number of Participants with 1 trainer: 8 - 10

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