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Develop your influence and impact to achieve results



This stimulating highly interactive course helps participants develop more productive working relationships with the emphasis being placed on self-awareness and the effect of different behaviour on others. Participants will identify the key interpersonal skills for building relationships and working with others to deliver better results.

This course will benefit all those who want to improve their influencing skills to gain maximum impact and learn how to manage difficult situations to achieve positive outcomes. The experience will also lead to enhanced relationships with colleagues, suppliers and customers and the achievement of win/win results

By the end of the course you will have competently developed strategies for achieving improved interpersonal communication.


  • All those who wish to improve how they communicate and interact with others
  • All those who want to achieve their maximum potential when interacting with others
  • Anyone who wants to develop positive working relationships and achieve better results


  • The critical five stages of improving interpersonal communication
  • The principles of effective face-to-face communication
  • Enhancing your listening skills and building empathy
  • The effect of your behaviour on the performance of others and your organisation
  • Key verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
  • Using neuro linguistic programming to build positive relationships
  • Managing interpersonal conflict to gain positive outcomes
  • Utilising best practice assertiveness techniques
  • Achieving better results by working more constructively with others


The workshop will be highly practical and participative. Participants will take an active part in group activities, which are specifically designed to accelerate learning and increase motivation.

Length of Training Programme: 2 days

Recommended Maximum Number of Participants with 1 trainer: 8 - 10

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