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The course is a highly practical ‘Masterclass’ in handling press, radio and TV interviews. Participants learn key strategies, skills and techniques for planning and conducting media interviews. The course uses CCTV extensively and gives excellent opportunities for experimentation and practice. Expert feedback, guidance and specialist input in media handling techniques is provided by the course leader who is a highly experienced interviewer/reporter. Advice is also given on body language, appearance and performance techniques enabling participants to cope better in an alien environment.

The course ensures that delegates leave able to convert any question into an opportunity for positive comment. Journalistic techniques and conventions are stripped bare and explained so that each delegate develops the understanding which breeds confidence in a media interview.


  • Anyone who is likely to be called upon to represent the company to the media


  • Knowing what to expect from press, radio and TV interviews
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • Traps and common mistakes to avoid
  • How to control the interview direction
  • How to answer a question with your key message
  • Gaining and keeping credibility under stress and pressure
  • Essential non-verbal messages


The course is fast paced, intensive and designed to be highly instructive and memorable. Theory and practice is well balanced to ensure really good results. The training aims to build up the confidence of participants through multiple interview practice and constructive, expert feedback and encouragement. The interview subjects are real and relevant issues as a result of thorough research prior to the course. All interviews are recorded on video and used to facilitate improvement in a rapid structured manner. At the end of the course participants receive a videotape of their performances.

Length of Training Programme: 1 day

Recommended Maximum Number of Participants with 1 trainer: 4

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