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How to present with confidence and impact



The ability to organize business information or ideas in a logical structure and present them confidently and positively to an audience is a crucial commercial skill. This intensive workshop covers all the fundamental skills involved in presenting from preparation and planning through to delivery. It is designed to build confidence and self-assurance through providing a complete understanding of effective speaking principles and utilizing a highly practical and participative approach. Expert individual feedback and the use of CCTV accelerate learning and enable participants to assess their performance and measure progress. At the end of the workshop, participants will create a personal development plan to implement back at work.


  • Anyone who is required to give presentations or speak to groups at briefings or meetings
  • Speakers who have had little or no formal training in presentation skills
  • Specialist or Technical staff who address non-technical audiences


  • The key essential elements of successful and memorable presentations
  • How to plan and prepare a clear and logical structure
  • Practical ways to reduce anxiety and harness nervous energy
  • Effective use of voice, expression and gestures for greater effect
  • Understanding and building rapport with your audience
  • Selection and effective use of visual aids
  • Techniques for answering questions positively with confidence
  • Developing self-confidence and creating your own personal style of presenting
  • Creating an awareness of areas for further improvement


The workshop is highly participative and provides good opportunities for experimentation and practice in a safe environment. There is an excellent balance of theory and practice and the extensive use of CCTV and expert individual feedback accelerate learning There is intensive tutor support enabling participants to build confidence quickly in their abilities and become confident presenters.

Length of Training Programme: 2 days

Recommended Maximum Number of Participants with 1 trainer: 6

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