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Refresh, develop and add sparkle to your skills



Experienced speakers have two choices: allow themselves to get stuck at their current level of performance, or move forward through expert training. Over time, weaknesses naturally become accentuated, skills get rusty and presentations look tired and lacklustre.

This stimulating refresher course prevents that corrosion setting in. It is designed to enable speakers with previous public speaking experience to review, upgrade and revitalize their existing presentation skills. Participants will receive expert high quality personal feedback and will learn to generate more enthusiasm and energy in their delivery and identify where their performance can be improved. Participants will also learn how to exploit their own personality and use a natural conversational style to deliver a powerful business message.


  1. Experienced speakers who speak to groups and need to make an impact
  2. Executives who wish to review and upgrade their delivery and discover techniques to add energy and sparkle
  3. Anyone who is involved in pitching for new business and is seeking the winning formula


  • How “modelling success” techniques can achieve outstanding results
  • Analysing the strengths and weaknesses of your presentation style
  • Using your personality and energy to project a positive image
  • The 3 ‘S’ approach to captivating your audience and creating impact
  • Developing self-confidence and creating your own personal style of presenting
  • How to relate to your audience and focus on their needs
  • Using positive body language and voice to be authoritative and persuasive
  • Achieving successful visual aids and avoiding the main pitfalls
  • Creating a personal action plan for the future


The course is highly practical and participative. The extensive use of CCTV and expert individual feedback accelerate learning & provide good opportunities for experimentation and practice.

Length of Training Programme: 1 day

Recommended Maximum Number of Participants with 1 trainer: 4 - 5


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